Q Thirteen | Crib-sized made for friends expecting their first. Went with a soft neutral color pallet in a clasic chevron pattern. Comfy flannel used
                         for the backing. Machine quilted.

   Q Nine | Queen-sized, made for my brother. Machine quilted.

   Q Eight | Full-sized. Machine quilted.

   Q Six | Queen-sized made as a wedding gift for my cousin. The bride and groom both attended Ohio State University, which is the source of the               crimson, gray, white, and black colors. Machine quilted.

   Q Five | Queen-sized, made for a silent auction to benefit the American Heart Association. Original design concept. Machine quilted.

   Q Four | Crib-sized, made for friends expecting their first. Machine quilted.

   Q Three | Queen-sized, made for my sister. Original design concept inspired by stained glass. Machine quilted.

   Q Two | King-sized, made for my boyfriend. Original design based off the "red rectangle nebula", pictured in the corner. Machine quilted.

   Q One | Throw-sized, first attempt at quilting. Hand quilted.